Called too Hipster goth o new goths, are the new fashion in nowadays.
t’s not possible to fix the date of the birth of Nu-goth for the hard influence of famous designers (for example, Jean Paul Gaultier has inspired in goth aesthetic more than once) to hipsters and scenes.
How you know, as scenes as hipsters, they are two urban tribes that reinvents themselves in their aesthetics and sometimes they can create new styles and fashions. And the nu-goth is one of them.Evidently, in nowadays, the informarion is so easy to transmit thanks to blogs (specially at tumblr and twitter) this aesthetic begans to extend more and more.
I’ll try to explain the tribe step by step.

HAIRThe boy’s hairstyle is the typical hipster hair: short for the sides and more long in front. Generally the hair is wavy, giving a casual look.
The girl’s hair is long and big at the head and perfectly untidy. The hair, specially in the part of neck to down, falls in wavy way. They usually is bleached to white blonde (looking like at Taylor Momsen) or dyed in pastel coloring (like sweet purple or baby pink) but always in the last part of hair.
In both case, they could chose the bob haircut looking like The Horrors, aesthetic that takes part of nu-goth.

.Clothes.The classical combination of colors is black, white and grey. As boys as girls wears black tight jeans, two more sizes of t-shirts with symbols like inverted crosses and shoes (in the case of girls are high heels), creepers or militar boots. The girls can also wear a dark and vintage dress (an example of that might be the dress of Alice Glass in Celestica videoclip).
The ideal complement could be a black leather jacket.

In tumblr (social network crawled of hipsters, fashioncores and scenes) tended to have a special  taste to inverted cross (in rings and clothes), injured knees, Jack Daniel’s, graveyards, candles and phantom aparitions, triangles and another geometry.

If we don’t relation with a specific kind of music this could be a temporary trend. But it isn’t like that. The music genre that is relationated is growing up more and more. This is Witch House. The witch house (caled too drag) sounds like an electronic music but more slow and dark, with a distortioned voice (sometimes the singer screams too), mixed with a little bit of hip hop. Some bands are:  Rrritualzzz, Zola Jesus, Salem, Creep, White Ring, oOoOO…
Another bands that nu-goths like: post-punk revival (Franz Ferdinand, the Editors, the Rapture) post-punk (O children, Joy Division) and bands like Justice, Crystal Castles, CocoRosie, etc…

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